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Monabean hotness Part One and Two

Title:Take me home tonight
Pairing:Monabean and Viggo/Elijah
Word Count:519
Rating:R for language
This takes place in a bar
This never happened ever. I'm just haveing fun:D
Challenge:spikessweetgirl wants a fic with the challenge words anger and lust in it.
I hope you all like it.
betaed by the wonderfulmews1945 you *rock*

Sean Bean-random -fandom

Porn for Valentines

I'm reposting this Happy Valentines day everyone.

Sean sighs as he watches Dom over in the corner chatting to the bartender. He's feels a wave of lust roll through him as he watches Dom chat with the bartender. It almost feels like anger. He takes another deep pull of his drink.

Viggo sitting across the table from him says, "Mate you need to go and ask him to dance or something soon. You are driving me crazy."

Sean replies,"I fucking know mate, it's driving me mad the way I want Dom, all the damn time. I need to do something about it tonight."

"Well my friend you are right about one thing, you are mad." Viggo smirks as he takes a deep, drink of his beer.

Sean just looks at him and slowly, flips him off.

"Hey, mate ,"says Elijah as he walks over to the table and sits down on Viggo's lap, wrapping his arms around the grinning man. "Why'd you flip off my man here?"

"He said I was mad so I had to."

"Fuck mate, everyone knows you're mental." Elijah laughs as he grabs Viggo's drink and helps him finish his beer.

"I'm going to have to get up and kick your ass Elijah if you guys keep fucking saying that. I can't take Viggo but I sure as hell can take you down, hobbit."

"No one gets to take this hobbit except this ranger." Viggo starts to nibble on Elijah's neck, causing him to squeal and squirm in his lap. Viggo just moans, deeply at the friction of the wiggling man. "You're setting me on fire with all that wiggling around babe." Elijah whispers something in his ear, causing him to groan deeply.

"You two fucking quit that or take it to your bedroom," Sean scowls at them.

"Good idea," Viggo says as he stands up and grabs Elijah's hand pulls him to his feet. "Listen to me mate, you need to go and talk to Dom and stop being such a fucking cunt about it."

Elijah adds to that, "I spend a lot of time with Dom and I think he worships the ground you walk on, so go make your move, who knows maybe you could get lucky tonight."

Sean watches his friends desert him then gets up and walks over to where Dom is talking and drinking.

"Hey mate, care to dance with me?"

"I fucking thought you'd never ask," says Dom as he stands up and drags him to the floor. Dom pulls Sean to him and they start to move their hips together to the pulsing beat of the rock song.

Sean takes control of the dance and starts to thrust his hips faster, getting more and more turned on by the second. He moans deep in his throat and growls out "I've wanted to do this forever," as they bump and grind on the dance floor." He presses his lips to Dom's and slides his tongue deep inside Dom's mouth. Their tongues playfully battle for dominance. Sean pulls back and manages to gasp, "Lets, get the fuck out of here."

Dom grins wickedly. "It's about fucking time."


Part Two
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