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10 January 2009 @ 02:08 am
10th Orlijah Prompt  
I'm afraid I don't no how to do links for songs but here is Orlijah's soundtrack.

We want to know about your Orlijah soundtrack! List 5 songs that make you think of Orlijah or either one of those boys.

1.In Your Eyes-Peter Gabriel
2.Closer-Nine Inch Nails
3.Animal-Def Leppard
4.Unchained Melody-Righteous Brothers
5.Don't Want To Miss A Thing-Aerosmith
lijahlover: First comment cookies!lijahlover on January 10th, 2009 05:17 pm (UTC)
I wrote a few song drabbles for these two with that song in it for last years Orlijah month challenge. I also think of Domlijah when I hear that song. :)

Have a wonderful weekend

That's Peter's best song ever!