lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,


Rising Desire Part Two
Rating:NC-17 for the sex and language
Warnings: Sex between two sexy men. Dan is legal age!
Summary:Elijah meets someone at a bar and takes him home
betaed by no one all mistakes are mine
This never happened only in my fantasy
Dedicated to lijeyeshaveit:She asked for more!

"I'm Elijah, Your place or mine?"

They stumble into Elijah's bedroom, their mouths are fused together in a frantic kiss, their tongues are battling for dominance.

Elijah and Dan quickly strip off their clothes and fall into bed. Elijah presses his body into Dan's. He licks in Dan's ear, causing him to shiver. Elijah moves to Dan's throat, running his tongue over his neck.

Daniel is panting with lust and desire for Elijah, he scrapes his nails down Elijah's sweaty back. Elijah continues to lick and suck every inch of Dan's delicious body, devouring him.

Dan spreads his legs further open to cradle Elijah closer to him. Elijah rotates his hips into him over and over again.

Elijah sucks on his fingers and starts to loosen him, slowly with his fingers. He feels Dan's inner muscles relax.

"Claim me, fuck me now Elijah, please!" Dan whimpers.

"Fuck yes," groans Elijah. "You're mine."

Elijah pushes inside him and starts a fast, brutal pace, thrusting deeply into his body. He takes Dan in his hand and starts to stroke him, with fast, sure strokes.

He feels Dan clenching around him tightly and knows he will come soon. All to soon they both explode together.

Elijah collapses on him, gasping for breath.

Dan wraps his arms around him. "I hope you will stay the night with me."

"Hell," says Elijah when he catches his breath. "I'm staying with you for as long as you'll have me."

Tags: dan/lijah, lijahlover

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