lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Two porny drabbles

Title:How Could You?
I wish that I owned these two...

These were for spikessweetgirl

Who asked for Dom comforting Elijah after a hard day on the set.

Harry/Draco-Harry stands up to Ron about Draco...:)Top Harry!

Harry laved at the vein in Draco's throat, causing Draco to groan and arch underneath Harry. He nibbled his way down to Draco's smooth chest licking and sucking on Draco's nipples.

"Fuck..."hissed Draco as his hands griped the silk sheets.

"" purred Harry as he devoured Draco.

Harry froze and looked over his shoulder as Ron walked into the room. He threw the sheet over both of them as Ron stood there speechless.

"Harry how could you?" Ron screamed.

"I wanted to tell you for a long time...I love Draco."

"Bloody hell...why?"

"He makes me feel again."

Title:Rub Something Else
I don't think they ever did this in real life but I like to think they did. :)

Dom walked into their trailer and walked to the bedroom. He paused and smiled when he noticed Elijah on the bed, motionless.

Dom stripped out of his clothes and crawled on top of Elijah. He started to slowly rub Elijah's neck and shoulders feeling the muscles relax under his hands and fingers.

"Mm-mm...God...Dom that feels brilliant."

Dom grinned at Elijah's words and worked his way down to Elijah's back,pressing into the tension in his lower back as he started to grind his growing erection into Elijah's arse.

"Dom...I need you to rub something else."

Tags: dom/lijah, harry/draco, lijahlover
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