lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Fred/Draco/George drabble

Title:Three Way
Warnings:Threesome with rimming.
Disclaimer:I didn't come up with these *naughty* men *g*

This is for julie_wwgg Who asked for a threesome with these three in my porny drabble meme...

Draco groaned deeply as Fred pressed up against him and started to lick inside his ear which caused him to shiver. Draco moved his arm over his head and gripped George's hair in his hand and pressed George's mouth harder into his throat.

George playfully nipped at his skin as he quickly striped Draco of his shirt.

Fred started to work his way lower at the same time as his brother going down kissing and sucking every inch of skin they came across.

Fred took Draco into his mouth as George spread his arse open and wiggled his tongue inside.
Tags: fred/draco/george, lijahlover

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