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Viggo/Orlando gift fic :)

Recipient: lenalove
Title: Snowy Weekend
Pairing and/or additional characters: Viggo/Orlando
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None
betaed by the amazing mews1945
Disclaimer: I'm not saying they ever did this in RL.

Request: Viggo/Orlando getting together for the first time.

Summary: Viggo invites Orlando to his cabin to get together again and spend the weekend alone.

Viggo impatiently looked outside and sipped his coffee as he watched the snow fall silently to the cold hard ground. He turned his head, taking in the beauty of the frozen water and the bare trees surrounding his cabin. 'I can't wait to see Orlando again. It's been to long.' He smiled as Orlando's sleek blue car pulled up in the parking area by the cabin.

Viggo stood up and smiled when Orlando walked in quickly and shut the door behind him.

"Viggo," said Orlando as he walked up to him, and threw his arms around him in an eager embrace.

Viggo returned the hug and tightly wrapped his arms around his friend. He held Orlando close while breathing in his intoxicating scent. Viggo reluctantly pulled away and asked,"How have you been Orlando? It's been too long."

"Well mate, I'm fine, but I've just been lonely since my last break-up."

Viggo froze at this startling news. "Damn when did this happen?" he asked, while trying to sound calm.

Orlando sighed. "It's been a few weeks now. The whole thing just wasn't working out for either of us." He ran his hand through his brown hair hair and looked up into Viggo's eyes.

'Okay Viggo you can do this you're an actor, so act.'

"Well maybe it's better to end it now if it wasn't working out for you both. Go ahead and throw your coat in the hall closet next to the door." His eyes took in Orli's soft looking blue shirt and faded blue jeans riding low hugging his slim hips.

Viggo subconsciously licked his lips, trying and failing to wet them, as they and his mouth had gone suddenly dry. His brain froze while he stood and stared at Orlando's perfect ass. 'Damn he looks fine in those jeans.' Viggo shook himself out of his thoughts as Orlando walked back into the room.

Orlando sat down on the sofa and sighed. "I'm relieved it's over. She wasn't the one for me after all."

Viggo sat next to Orlando on the faded sofa, leaned back, and closed his eyes. He froze as he felt Orlando lean his head on his shoulder and relax against him.

Viggo breathed deeply enjoying the scent Orlando was wearing, and thought, 'It's as intoxicating as he is.'

"Viggo, mate...I'm so glad to be able to see you again."

Viggo smiled softly and relaxed, loving the feel of Orlando's body pressed tight against him. He reached out his hand and entwined his fingers with Orlando's, his heart pounding hard in his chest.

Orlando blinked and looked at Viggo. "You want to know why I broke things off with my girlfriend?"

"Yes...why Orlando?"

"You," he breathed, then he softly pressed his mouth to Viggo's. "It's you I want, not her."

"Damn...Orli I wanted you ... forever it seems." Viggo reached out and pulled Orlando to him. He ran his tongue across Orli's bottom lip and sucked it into his mouth, drawing a gasp out of Orlando. "Oh, God, taste amazing."

"Fuck....Viggo you do too," Orli whispered, as he slid his hand up under Viggo's shirt skimming over Viggo's nipple, lightly scraping his fingers over the small, sensitive nub. It stiffened under his touch.

Viggo groaned and deepened the kiss, tilting his head further to the side as he tasted Orlando's lips. He pulled away to move his lips gently over Orlando's jaw. "I have an idea."

Orlando tilted his head to the side, giving Viggo complete access to his neck.

"Tell me" he whispered back.

", in my bed" Viggo growled.

"Damn fine idea love."

Viggo stood up and pulled Orlando with him, kept hold of his hand and led Orli to his bedroom. He drew Orlando's hand to his lips and pressed a kiss to his palm, tasting the salty delicious flavor that was all Orlando. Viggo pulled Orlando into the shadowy bedroom and started to strip his clothes off, letting them fall to the floor in a pile by his feet, his gaze never leaving Orlando's beautiful face.

Orlando slowly peeled his own clothes off, and then he walked up to Viggo to trace the contours of his face with his fingertips, lightly running them over Viggo's sculpted cheekbones and finally glided them over Viggo's lips.

Viggo nipped at Orlando's finger and sucked it into his mouth.

"God...Viggo...yes..." Orli hissed out as he pulled his wet finger out of Viggo's mouth. He pressed his open mouth to the side of Viggo's lips and moved his head over to kiss Viggo's lips.

Viggo opened his mouth, tasting,devouring Orli as his hands roamed over every inch of his skin that he could reach.

"Viggo" breathed Orli as he pressed in closer to Viggo's body. Viggo felt his firm chest brush against Orli's smooth one. Orli gripped Viggo's ass in his hands, grinding their growing erections together. Orlando pressed his mouth to the side of Viggo's neck as he pressed their hips together.

Viggo walked Orlando backwards to the bed and followed him down on the soft tangled sheets. He pressed his weight into Orlando's as he started to make love to every inch of his body, kissing and sucking his chest.

"Yes..." groaned Orlando. "More....please"

"Yes...I'll give you more....soon." Viggo worked his way down Orlando's chest and stomach running his hands down his slim body and hips, and felt Orlando arch and shiver under his touch. Viggo took Orlando into his mouth swirling his tongue around the head of his cock, and tasted the pre-come leaking out.

"I love your taste...Orli," rasped Viggo as he started to deep throat his lover, taking him all the way down. Viggo ran his hand down his body to grasp his hard cock and start to move it up and down slowly feeling it get harder with each stroke.

Orlando ran his fingers through Viggo hair stopping him. "I want to come with you inside me."

Viggo crawled up Orlando's body and sucked each hard nipple into his mouth as he worked his fingers inside Orlando stretching him open slowly. He added a third finger and felt him start to relax. Viggo grabbed the lube and a condom, and knelt up, trembling as he put the condom on and then stroked on the cool liquid.

Orlando spread his legs further and arched his throat as Viggo slid inside.

"God ...Orli you are so tight."

"," he demanded.

Viggo pulled almost all the way out and slide back in slowly, inch by inch.

Orlando thrust his hips upward as his nails scraped down Viggo's sweat-slick back.

Viggo pressed his lips to Orlando's again as their tongues swirled around each other and his hips pumped into Orlando's body again and again, feeling Orli's inner muscles clench tightly around him. Viggo wrapped his hand around Orlando's cock and stroked it in time to his pounding thrusts as he came deep inside Orlando's body. He pulled out, then slid down and took Orlando into his mouth and felt the come run down his throat.

Viggo licked his lips and made his way up to collapse next to Orlando. He panted, dragging the air into his lungs and he was feeling the day start to take over and make him tired all of a sudden. His eyelids felt heavy and weighted down. He threw away the condom and rolled over next to Orlando's slim body as he pressed up close and yawned.

"Mm-mm....I wore you out old man," Orlando murmured, as he tenderly smiled causing his soft brown eyes to light up.

Smiling, Viggo drifted off to sleep.

He woke up alone and stretched, feeling his muscles pull. He made it out of bed to hit the shower and after he gets dressed, he walked downstairs to look for Orlando. Viggo sighed as he thought about last night and he felt as though he must be glowing with happiness. He grabbed his coat from the coat-rack and walked outside on the porch, where he stood looking at the bright yellow sunlight shining on the snow. He found Orlando there too, looking out at the day where everything seemed frozen over with shining crystals.

Viggo wrapped his arms around Orlando as Orlando laid his head on his shoulder.

"It's so beautiful out here today," sighed Orlando.

"Yes.. so beautiful."

"I love you much."

"I love you too Orli ...I always have...stay with me."

"Always," breathed Orlando as he pressed his lips to Viggo's cool cheek.

Tags: lijahlover, viggo/orlando

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