lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Late Christmas gift poem

Title:Keep Me Warm
Pairing:Anyone you want
Looked over by julchen11 She's such a sweetie!

Merry Christmas aprilkat I'm sure you don't mind if this is a little bit late. :) I hope you like it...

Winter Wishes-photobucket

The leaves softly fall from the trees

The season turns to winter.

You're love for me keeps me warm

on a bitter cold night.

I can feel your love wrapped around me

comforting me,

consuming me,

when I need you


The silent ticking of the clock chimes in the distance

is all I hear when

I feel you

as you press your body tight to mine

in your sleep.

I think about waking you up

but quickly change my mind.

My eyelids feel heavy with sleep,

I feel the tiredness of the day start

to pull me under

as I drift off

next to you.
Tags: lijahlover, poem

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