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Christmas gift :)

Title:Shiver Shots
Warnings:Harry teaches Draco all about shiver shots
Disclaimer:I wish I owned them but I don't.
betaed by the always stunning mon_ami_runa

Merry Christmas enchanted_jae and faithwood You both amaze me so I hope you both like this...

Harry tuned out the blaring rock song and sighed as he swallowed the last of his beer. He ran his hand through his hair, messing it up more than it was.

I'm not sure why I stayed behind and didn't leave with my friends. he thought to himself.

He looked around the crowded, smoky bar as he it hit him for what felt like the hundredth time that he was sick of being alone. However he wasn't going to regret leaving his asshole of a boyfriend. Not after he had walked in their flat and watched him fuck some random guy in their bed. He had simple picked up his jacket and walked right out, never looking back.

I'm just so lonely. Harry thought depressed.

Harry looked up and suddenly froze, his breath catching in his throat, I'm dreaming he can't be that sexy, no one is that hot Harry thought as he looked at his ex rival and obsession.

Draco walked into the bar and locked eyes with him he licked his full lips and smiled. Harry slowly looked Draco up and down his eyes taking in his form fitting, snug heather grey shirt tucked into nice black slacks and beautiful black snakeskin boots. Harry felt over warm as he looked over every inch of Draco. Merlin he's gorgeous.

"Harry," purred Draco as he sat beside him on a stool at the bar, "all alone?"

"Yes," said Harry as he watched Draco's face for any sign of old rivalry between them. "Looking damn gorgeous Draco"

"I know and so do you tonight Harry" Draco looked at him and winked.

Harry felt even warmer than before, his jeans tightening uncomfortably.

Draco leaned over and asked "You always look this sexy and smell this good?"

Harry smirked "Always," he noticed Draco's chuckle. Damn I want him.

"Buy me a drink Harry""

"Sure ... ever had a shiver shot?"

"No, I like the sound of that."

"Trust me, you'll love it." Harry said as he ordered the shots of tequila from the bartender. Harry watched as Draco breathed deeply and almost nervously ran his hand through his pale blond hair. He loved how it shimmered and shinned even in this dark bar ... Draco always stood out wherever he was.

Harry stood up and spread Draco's thighs apart as he grabbed a shot glass. He reached out and gripped Draco's silky hair in his hand and licked Draco's pale throat he felt Draco shiver under his tongue. Harry put the salt on his throat and the lime between Draco's full lips. Locking his eyes with Draco's burning grey ones he sucked the salt from his neck, downed the shot and sucked frantically on the almost bitter lime.

"Fuck," hissed Draco after Harry sat the lime on the bar. "Were did you learn about those?"

"In the Gryffindor common room, I think from Oliver or Ron."

"Damn and I thought you were all boring and did nothing but study."

Harry just shook his head "Not all the time."

"My turn," Draco growled and stood up his body pressed tight against Harry's as he got up.

Harry tipped his head as Draco licked and put the salt on his neck. He hissed and shivered as Draco sucked the salt from his neck, took the shot and sucked on the lime and his lips.

Draco removed the lime and nibbled on Harry's lips as his hands pulled him closer by his hips. Draco's mouth sucked on Harry's jaw line as he nipped him with his teeth.

"Mm-mm, God" moaned Harry

"I want ...need you...please Harry" begged an almost breathless Draco.

Harry ground their growing erections together as he cupped Draco's arse.

"Fantastic arse, Draco," growled Harry.

"It's yours, Harry," smirked Draco.

Harry laughed as he wrapped his arms tight around Draco and Apparated them back to his place
Tags: harry/draco, lijahlover, merry christmas

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