lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Christmas gift drabble

Title:By The Pool
Rating:R for language
Word Count:100
Warnings:None only hotness by a pool
betaed by no one so all mistakes are mine.

Merry Christmas huffizm I hope you like this...

Slater pressed Zach up against the wall of the pool. He started to kiss and nibble on Zach's lips.

Zach groaned deep and opened his mouth, deepening the kiss.

Slater slowly caressed Zach's bare chest. He lightly ran his finger tips over Zach's pebbled nipples feeling them harden even more.

"God...yes" whimpered Zach.

Slater sucked on Zach's jawline, as he moved his lips down Zach's throat feeling him shiver against him. He ground their hard erections together.

Zach scraped his nails lightly down Slater's back as he cupped Slater's ass.

"" demanded Slater.

"Yes...fuck me"
Tags: lijahlover, merry christmas, slater/zach

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