lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Christmas gift drabble :)

Title:Happy Christmas
Word Count:100
Disclamer:I don't own these two :(
Warnings:Christmas romance and fluff :)
betaed by no one so all mistakes are mine.

This is a gift for roelliejI hope you like it.

Ron gently pressed his mouth and body against Harry's in a loveing, tender kiss. "Happy Christmas love"

Harry grinned his eyes shinning with love, "Happy Christmas,Ron."

Ron looked at the soft,beautiful snow as it softly drifted down to the ground. Ron wrapped his gloved hand around Harry's and continued to walk down the empty path. Ron nervously looked at his boots and then up into Harry's eyes. "Harry..."


"I want to ask you...Will you marry me?"

Harry looked up at Ron and whispered,"Yes...Merlin...I love you so much."

Ron leaned down for another kiss.
Tags: lijahlover, ron/harry, snow

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