lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Speed Orlijah in 5 minutes!

Title: First Date
Rating:PG-13 or R
Some curse words.
betaed by no one.

Orli leans in on the doorstep after their date was over and presses his mouth to Elijah's in a goodnight kiss. Their mouths open and Orli's tongue thrusts in Elijah's mouth. Orli and Elijah's hands caress each other, slowly and softly they run their hands over each other, mapping out their bodies.

Elijah pulls away from Orli and asks,"Want to come inside?"

Orli pants," Fuck yes!".

Elijah pulls Orli inside and they fall to floor. Orli lands on top of Elijah, they start to kiss again.

Elijah pants out between kisses, "I want you so much, lets fuck."

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