lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Christmas gift :)

Title:My Everything
This isn't betaed by anyone so be kind.
Merry Christmas julchen11 You are so sweet and wonderful *hugs* This is just sweet romantic winter fluff.

I look out the window as the bitter cold wind rushes through the bare trees.

I watch the fluffy white snow fall softly to the ground.

I move closer to you to share your warmth under the warn,ragged comforter.

I wrap my arm around you to feel you breath.

You smile in your sleep and I wonder what your dreams are about.

Do you dream about me every night like I dream about you?

My feelings for you grow stronger daily,

"I love you so much Casey" I whisper in your ear.

I hear you softly sigh and whisper back,

"You are my everything."
Tags: lijahlover, poem, zeke/casey

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