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Zeke/Casey Christmas fic

Title:Christmas Break
Author: lijahlover
Rating:R for language
Summeary:Casey's home for christmas break and this takes place in their neighborhood bar.
Warings:None but they kiss
betaed by the stunning mews1945

Merry Christmas honeyandvinegar I hope you like this...

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Thanks to summershobbit for the banner...

Zeke walked into the smoky almost empty bar. He looked over the half lit room and grinned when he spied his best friend Casey. He walked over to join Casey at the bar.

"How are you man, how's college?"

"Zeke." Casey smiled as he got up and wrapped his arms around Zeke in a tight hug. He sat back and said,"School's okay but I'm so glad to be home for a few weeks."

Zeke perched on the stool beside him. "I hope you're doing good with everything."

"It's all fucking great so far. But I missed you."

"I missed you too Casey." Zeke noticed a faint blush on Casey's cheeks and smiled to himself and thought, I hope this means what I think it does.

The bartender walked over to them. "Can I get you two anything?"

", you ever had a drink called a blow job before Casey?"

"No I haven't...what's in it?"

"I don't know but they're awesome." He looked at the bartender. "We'll have two blow jobs."

"Coming right up." The bartender smirked and winked at them as he walked away.

"Casey's so fucking adorable when he blushes." Zeke thought as the bartender set their drinks on the bar.

"The rule is don't use your hands, just your mouth. I'll show you how to do this." Zeke ran his hands slowly up Casey's thighs and parted his legs. He looked up at him as he put the glass between Casey's legs and got on his knees, never breaking eye contact with him.

Casey's eyes were wide as he stared at Zeke kneeling before him.

Zeke lowered his head and wrapped his lips around the rim of the glass. He threw his head back and swallowed the drink. "Fucking delicious." Zeke smirked and resumed his seat on the stool. "Your turn."

Casey took his hands and spread Zeke's thighs, then placed the glass between his legs. He got down and took the shot. He looked up at Zeke and licked his red lips.

Zeke reached out and tenderly touched Casey's face, and ran his thumb over Casey's bottom lip.

Casey opened his mouth and closed it over Zeke's thumb, sucking on it, and watched as Zeke shivered at the feeling of his tongue.

Zeke pulled Casey to his feet and pressed their mouths together in a fiery kiss, entwining their tongues together as he pressed his body to Casey's.

"Fuck," Casey gasped, drawing back to look up at him.

"Yes...Casey I need you."

"Your place now Zeke...I need to feel you inside me all night long," he growled.

"I got the one thing I wanted for Christmas" thought Zeke as they walked out of the club together.
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