lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Christmas gift fic for hogwartsvixxxen

Title:Underneath Me Part Two
Word Count:100
Warnings:PWP and body piercings...
Disclaimer:I don't think they ever did this in RL but I would like to think so.
betaed by the truly wonderful mon_ami_runa

Merry Christmas harrysexmagick When I talked to hogwartsvixxxen earlier on the phone she said she wanted this pairing and piercings so I hope you like this I can always write something else later. *hugs you close*

Dom holding up two fingers

Elijah sitting

Elijah flipped them both over and pressed Dom's body into the mattress. He touched his open mouth to Dom's, taking his time as he tasted Dom's mouth and worked his way down Dom's throat to his chest where he sucked one of Dom's nipples into his mouth.

"Elijah...yes" groaned Dom as he arched under Elijah's lips and teeth. He worked his hands into Elijah's hair and pressed Elijah's head further down his body.

Elijah teased Dom's other nipple as he pinched it between his thumb and index finger before licking and sucking his way down Dom's flat stomach, feeling the muscles clench under his lips.

"Mm-mm ... nothing tastes like you ... so fucking delicious" Elijah slowly worked down to take Dom's cock in his hand pumping it up and down, feeling it move in his palm. He lowered his head and tasted the pre-come that had built up. Elijah worked his tongue over Dom's piercing before he took him all the way into his mouth, feeling his throat muscles start to relax around Dom's beautiful cock.

"Yes....God! Elijah!" groaned Dom as he closed his eyes and pumped his hips up into Elijah's mouth.

Thinking he had had enough foreplay, Elijah reached around and started stretching himself open with his fingers. He paused to lick up Dom's cock once more before crawling up Dom's body. Elijah lined up Dom's cock then slowly slid down taking him all the way inside. "Fuck...Dom" hissed Elijah.

"Ride me..." demanded Dom.

Elijah moved over Dom his hips pumped as he rode him. Elijah furiously worked his own cock in his hand his head thrown back with his eyes closed. All too soon he came over Dom's stomach.

Dom pushed upward and latched onto Elijah's neck with his lips, sucking his skin into his mouth and leaving a mark as he felt Elijah shiver under the assault.

Elijah pushed Dom backward and went with him as he pressed his hands on Dom's as he pinned his to the bed.

"Elijah" groaned Dom before he came deep inside Elijah's hot, quivering hole.

Elijah's mouth pressed on Dom's once more before sleep claimed them both.
Tags: dom/lijah, lijahlover

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