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Harry/Draco Christmas fic

Title:Sneaky Slytherin
Author: lijahlover
Warnings:Kissing and a very Slytherin Draco.
Disclaimer:I don't own these two *pouts* at that.
betaed by the stunning mon_ami_runa She's the best!

Merry Christmas summershobbit and jade_baggins Here is the fic we laughed over in NY and I hope you both believed me when I said I'd write this. Harry is on vacation and he sees Draco in the water. Does he need help?

Save Santa a Trip-photobucket

It had been a very warm summer in London and Harry had decided it was past time he saw the sea so he packed a few essentials and Apparated to the coast. He had been there for a week and was really enjoying himself although something did seem to be missing.~


Harry sighed as he looked up into the beautiful pale blue sky, his skin toasty warm from standing in the sun do long. He loved to watch the seagulls fly overhead as he felt the wet, warm sand squish between his bare toes. Harry lazily walked along the shore looking for shells in the shallows, after having looked his fill at the ocean.

Eyes flicking over the vast expanse of deepest blue, Harry froze as he spotted someone floating face down in the water. He rushed in and grabbing a firm grin around their middle struggled to reach the shore before flipping them over. And stared in shock as he looked at Draco Malfoy's pale face. Damn, was the git even breathing?

Pushing light blond hair back, Harry wasted no time in pressing his mouth to start CPR. Blowing breath in, Harry nearly spluttered when he felt a hand press his head down and the mouth beneath his start to move against him. Instinctively Harry pressed back into the kiss as their tongues swirled against each over and Draco's hands travelled lower. His own hands were still pressed together against the naked chest he was about to … damn.

Pulling back and glaring at the obviously not drowned Draco, Harry couldn't help the growly tone in his voice.

"Bloody hell...Malfoy, what was that a stunt?"

"It's Draco and well, it went exactly as planned,." the blond grinned up at Harry, not at all repentant.


Draco smirked "Because I want you and I always make sure I get what I want."
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