lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Busy at work and with fics. :)

Well I start to feel like it's christmas with it getting scary busy at work and the exhausted way I feel when I get home. It's so busy now were I work. I have a lot of shopping done but a few things still to buy.

I'd like to post something at some point if I ever have time. Almost done with my C/Z christmas drabble I just have nine words to many and then I can send it to be betaed. I also need to write siskika's challenge she sent me. I still need to write three porny drabble challenges someone on my flist asked me to write for her. It's building up quickly I just hope I get some of this done tonight. I'd also love to write something for a challenge in one of my H/D communities. I love the three picture prompts they sent out.

Here's some hotness for you all to enjoy *squishes ands smooches*

Merry Spikemas-photobucket

H/D wallpaper-dove1211

Z/C banner-summershobbit

Thanks to summershobbit for the banner...
Tags: lijahlover, merry christmas

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