October 6th, 2019

Good Omens-A/C

More for Rectober.....

I will post some brilliant and fantastic Ineffable Husband fics. Not sure if anyone reads Good Omens but I have to post my lovely new otp.

On The Necessity of a Temptation by darcylindberg Summary:
“Let’s get lunch,” Crowley said, sauntering into the bookshop one October afternoon, his hair a little windswept and his cheeks a little pink from the chill, “what do you think, Le Café du Marché?”

Whatever it was that was waiting to give inside Aziraphale’s chest snapped like a twig. He didn’t even like French food.

“Crowley,” Aziraphale said, setting down his book with an argumentative slap. “You don’t even like French food.”

The world hadn’t ended, which was all well and good. If only this had. This, of course, being lunch.


*This is so funny and clever her writing style is just fun and enjoyable to read.

Team Ineffable-A Pokemon Gomens Story by WyvernQuill Summary:
"Ngk. I am. Actually." Crowley puffed up his chest. "Local highscore holder in Pokémon. Champion, that's me."

"No!" Aziraphale gasped. Crowley's preening intensified. "What an honour!"

"I know the... the pokydox by heart." He boasted proudly, and reveled in the adoring looks Aziraphale was throwing him.*

*He had the nagging feeling that this might come back to bite him.

"I'll have to tell my godson I met you!" Aziraphale exclaimed brightly.*

*Yup, there it was.

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