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Draco/Harry Vampire hotness!

Title:Forever Mine
Warnings:Vampire Draco and willing victim Harry.
Disclaimer:I don't own them unfortunatly or they would be doing this in my book.
Harry waits for his lover to join him in their bedroom.
beated by the stunning mon_ami_runa

This is dedicated to enchanted_jae because you *rock* with all the good vampire stories latly that I adore. You inspired me to write this...

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Harry closed his eyelids and sighed deeply, feeling the air fill his lungs as he laid his head back on the plush expensive leather chair. He took the last drink of red wine and set the delicate flute down on the table as he impatiently waited for Draco to join him. He got up to stand next to the roaring fire blazing brightly in the fireplace. He sensed more than heard Draco appear behind him before Draco wrapped his arms around him from behind.

Harry turned around and almost gasped out loud at Draco's perfection who was wearing his hair loose around his face, his silken hair just brushing his shoulders as his grey eyes devoured Harry. Draco was wearing his favorite blood red silk shirt with his snug black pants clinging to his hips and molding to his long sinful legs and perfect ass. Harry licked his full red lips and bit his bottom lip.

Draco leaned over slowly and flicked his tongue out to run over his lips, tracing every inch of the top and bottom lip.

"Draco" breathed Harry.

Harry ran his hands down Draco's arms, feeling his power under his hands as he gripped his wrists and pulled Draco's arms above his head and pressed him into the wall before kissing him with an almost painful hunger deep inside him.

Draco allowed Harry to take charge for a few minutes but then wrapped his arms around his waist and walked him over to the bed and dropped him on it. He licked his full red lips and pounced on Harry.

"God" Harry screamed as Draco fell on him and pressed him down into the mattress of their bed. He shivered as he felt Draco's cool fingers touch his face as he traced his closed eyes and ran his finger down Harry's nose pausing to kiss him on the tip.

"Harry....I'm not God....I'm something else entirely"

"Yes" breathed Harry...Sexy as all hell"

Draco smirked at him as he spelled their clothes off and rubbed their hard erections together as he slowly moved his hips against Harry's.

Harry ran his hands down Draco's sleek back.

"I love how cool you feel next to me. I'm so hot."

"Yes, you are love" agreed Draco as he ran his tongue up and down Harry's throat nibbling and sucking the tender flesh as he worshiped Harry with his mouth and hands.

"Make me yours tonight...please Draco" gasped Harry. I need to be with you forever."

Draco stopped what he was doing to blink his darkening eyes at Harry. "Are you sure you want that?"

"Merlin...yes Draco" whispered Harry.

Draco grinned almost feral at Harry as he rubbed both their cocks together he pierced his fangs into Harry's pale throat, drinking deeply from his life blood. Draco and Harry came together as Draco continued to feed on Harry, running his hands over Harry's shivering body feeling his muscles clench up under him. "Relax., love" breathed Draco he pulled away and cut his tongue open and brought his mouth down to Harry's as he slid his tongue into Harry's mouth.

Harry started to brutally suck on Draco's bleeding tongue drawing it further into his mouth as his teeth clashed with Draco's. He gripped Draco's silken hair in his hands as he felt his blood start to boil. He stopped drinking and gasped out in sudden pain as the change took over him.

"Now you're mine, forever" smiled Draco.

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