May 31st, 2017

H/D-Draco slash Harry-GUH!!!

Beyond amazing Drarry artwork

Title: Night In
Artist: apriicat
Additional Notes:Draco and Harry lose themselves to each other......Basically just wanted to paint something super cozy (like you asked for!!!) and lovely and what better than Harry riding Draco for hours while their tea gets cold on a rainy day? With the fireplace on!! Also I really wanted to draw Draco's scars so... I included that too :))

Why I loved it:I adored everything about this scene. The setting: the fire, the cups with their initials, the robes on the floor ... intimacy, domesticity. But also HOTNESS! And Draco's scars are sexy and Harry has a bite on his thigh. *swoons*

It is erotic yet tender and sweet at the same time. You can tell they're comfortable with each other and also still crazy in love with each other. It is just so beautiful and lovely.