May 12th, 2017

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A fun Drarry fic

Title: The Great British F*** Off
Author: bangyababy
Word Count:9691
Summary:Ron convinces Harry to join him in a muggle cooking class. When Draco Malfoy and Gregory Goyle show up, things get a little sticky.

Why I loved it:This was so much fun! There's such a lightheartedness to the story, but the author managed to add pining, jealousy, miscommunication, great supporting characters and all of Harry and Draco's competitiveness into the mix to create an absolutely delightful read.

The sex was just *delicious* sassy and so much fun with food mmmmmm good :))))))))

It's great to see Harry and Draco still being competitive, and their arguments are amazing! They were very ic in this. I also loved the side characters Ron and Greg. I liked Harry and Draco's reason for joining the class and reaction to the instructor.

This is so much fun a must read or re read. :)))))

Excerpt“Come on Harry, please?” Ron pleaded.

That was the other thing. Ron really wanted Harry to join him on this latest venture. He said Harry would set him more at ease in a muggle kitchen full of muggles. Besides, Harry already knew the basics, as he had to cook growing up. This way he could hone some of his skills. Harry couldn’t really argue with that logic, the hitch was he just really didn’t enjoy cooking. Perhaps it was left over trauma, or just plain disinterest, but either way Harry wasn’t keen on the idea of taking a cooking course.

But, as Harry looked at his best friend, filled with excitement and just a touch of desperation, Harry couldn’t really say no.

“Oh, alright Ron, you win,” Harry sighed and Ron clapped him on the back.

“Thanks Harry!” Ron beamed. “You’re such a good mate!”

“Yeah, well I suppose, but don’t think you’re not going to pay for this.” Harry grinned.

“Wouldn’t dream of it.”