October 7th, 2016


October is here yay! -Day 7-Happy Froday

For the month of October, lij, that would be me *g*, thought it would be great to express the beauty of the beginning of Fall and all of the joys, fun, and blessings that it brings. Every day. All month long. :D The key is to do it with pictures! All kinds of pictures. Use explanations if you like, but each post has to have a picture(s) of some sort dealing with the greatness of Fall time. Anybody want to come on board with me? C'MON, let's have FUN!! :D

October Fall Fest Day #7


Rectober fics

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Happy Froday everyone for my next recs I will post some lovely Sam/Frodo stories.

A Patchwork Family Series

By lbilover
Rating:Teen to Explicit
Summary:A Patchwork Family is a series of Post-Quest AU Frodo/Sam stories in which Frodo rescues an abused, abandoned blue whippet that he names Huan. Through the love and devotion of Sam and Huan, Frodo is healed and able to remain in Middle-earth. These are mostly gentle stories with no more than a Teen rating, and feature some humor, some fluff, some angst, some hurt/comfort, but mostly lots and lots of love. They are listed below as much as possible in chronological order. If you are new to this verse, 'Huan', 'Out of Shadow, Into Light' and 'A Journey to the Havens' are the most important stories to read.

I can hardly express how much I adore this beautiful, amazing, brilliant heart warming series. This is just what makes me warm and fuzzy to read. I go to it often and just re read whatever catches my eye. It is such a delightful series so captivating and engaging. I adore the way she writes both Sam and Frodo it is so ic to me. It is how I would picture their life together.

I could go on and on with love for this series. It is worth each and every word. She has such a talent with writing them both. It is glorious to escape into their world and feel like you are wrapped in a warm blanket. :)))))))

I stumbled over this for lbilover from my dear friend mews1945 The Way To A Hobbit's Heart It is just a sweet and lovely birthday ficlet inspired by this series.

Fest fics for Rectober-Happy Froday! :)

I have decided to rec some of the wonderful Drarry stories written for hp_drizzle So many wonderful, brilliant well written stories this year. Everything blew me away with how lovely they all were. :DDDDDD

A Delayed Wedding Night by alafaye 1,088, NC-17, Summary: To consummate their marriage, Harry and Draco have to have sex outside on the grounds. Unfortunately, the moment they go outside, it starts to rain. And keeps raining for weeks.
-This was was so much fun just hilarious, oh poor frustrated Harry. He wants sex with his husband...Is that to much to ask for?????? Harry was also persistent and creative with his ideas. The sex was just *yummy* and I love reading stories with sex in the rain. The ending had me laughing out loud it was so funny. *g*

The Oceans They did Rise by disapparater 18,000, R, Summary: Finding post-war life more difficult than he'd imagined, Harry travels halfway around the world to find some peace. He also finds Malfoy, art, adventure, the ocean, and himself. (Not necessarily in that order.)
-The New Zealand setting was lovely and I liked how their friendship just grew into so much more. The slow build of their friendship just felt right. The ending was brilliant.

Forever Can Never Be Long Enough by burnin_up_a_sun 3,040,R,Summary: Draco has planned this picnic to the tiniest detail, because it has to be perfect. He and Harry and their son Scorpius will never forget this special day.
-What a sweet and delightful fun story. Such a cute family Scorpius was such a sweet,adorable child. This fic just made me so happy when reading it.

A Shifting Scene by charlotte_bird 18,369,R, Summary: One summer night in a Muggle bar Harry Potter spots Draco Malfoy, up to no good and the chase begins. But what exactly is Harry chasing? Justice, the truth or a distraction from his own problems?
-This was my prompt and I loved what she did with it. The songs through out the story gave it a perfect setting. Draco was very ic and so was Harry. Harry was so wonderful and needed to protect Draco even if he didn't completely trust him. Draco and his friends were so much fun I loved their banter.

Let Rainwater Wash Away carpemermaid6,700,NC-17, Summary: Harry really needed to learn the importance of carrying an umbrella. Or, maybe he didn’t, since not carrying one led him to stumble upon Draco Malfoy’s antique shop while seeking shelter from a thunderstorm.
-This story was just sooooooo sweet it makes you smile. It is a perfect amount of fluff and banter. Draco was gorgeous and I could see why Harry could fall for him. Harry was persistent and called on his inner Gryffindor courage. The build up was delightful and what a brilliant ending.

FuckYou/Thank You by lq_traintracks 2,100,NC-17, Summary: Merlin, no one pisses Harry off like this arsehole. No one in the five years he's been reffing. Not in the twenty-five years he played the game himself. No one ever.
-This was brilliantly awesome I adored their relationship it was so them. The bickering and range of every emotion is perfect. So much passion and aggression, they can drive each other mad. The make up shower sex was just steamy and *delicious* very very sexy.