September 21st, 2016

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A wonderful Drarry story

Title: Once A Malfoy
Author: enchanted_jae
Word Count:12036
Summary:Months after their divorce, Draco requests a huge favor from Harry.

Why I loved it:Well I knew right away this story was something I would enjoy. My good friend jae is one I can always trust for wonderful, lovely hardly any angst stories. That is why I looooooooove them so much. This story is a delight from start to finish. She pulls of the fake dating troupe and forced bed sharing perfectly.

I adored how well written her side characters were. Draco's meddling family was just a delight. Grandmere Annemarie was a brilliant and sharp Slytherin lady who doted on Harry.

This is a must read or re read for a great second chance story with so many feels to it.

Here is a link to the continuation Part 2


"I have a favor to ask."

Harry waited politely for Draco to continue.

Draco squared his shoulders. "Grandmère's birthday is coming up," he said. "She's going to be one hundred."

"Granny Annemarie is turning one hundred?!" Harry cried, sitting forward. Of Draco's family, his great-grandmother Annemarie Malfoy was Harry's favorite. He adored the feisty old witch, and she had taken an instant liking to Harry, as well.

"I'll be sure to send her a music box," said Harry. He'd given one to Annemarie on a lark once, and she was utterly fascinated by it. Harry had gifted her with music boxes ever since.

"That would be lovely, Harry, thank you," said Draco. "However, I didn't come here simply to prod you into buying Grandmère a gift. My great-aunt Antoinette and her family are planning a gala celebration, and I'd like you to attend with me."