November 22nd, 2015

Hufflepuff sexy fuck me boot  :)

Fun HP questions

Characters I love: Sirius, Draco, Harry, Ron, Dumbledore. Luna. I adore these characters.
Characters I love to hate: Ginny? Sorry. I like her so I am conflicted.
Favourite character to write: Draco, I enjoy making him snarky,smirky(It's now a word) and oozing charm.
Favourite type of fic: Sometimes it's getting together and other times established relationship and happy ending!
Favourite trope: Forced bed sharing,ust that explodes into amazing sex, soulmates
Trope I hate: Omg death? idk. sad things. and amnesia or something else terribly sad
The Sorting Hat would shout: Hufflepuff so it would put me in their with no hesitation.
My favourite Hogwarts classes would be: Divination, Transfiguration and maybe potions.I like following recipes and am good at it.
Character I am most like: This is hard but I think Ron... we were the same with going to school.
Currently writing: Nothing
When I write I listen to: I don't listen to anything specific when I write.
Favourite fics of others: I have far to many favorites fics. Burning The Ground comes to mind and anything by Jae,Oldenuf2nb,faith,birds,leo etc etc the list could go on and on.
Favourite fic of my own: Uhhhhh
Favourite art of others: Uhhh no comment :DDDDDDDDDD