October 10th, 2015

Sherlock BBC/John-Blend

One gorgeously angsty Johnlock rec

This rec is perfect for the month of Halloween.

Title: Coins on my Eyes
Author: indybaggins
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 35,000
Rating: M
Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence,temporary character death,happy ending,h/c,pinning Sherlock
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: 'Sherlock spent nights lying awake, listening to the rustling of John’s hands on the bedcovers. The dull thumps of John’s head against the headboard. The rhythmic grinding of his teeth. The soft, hungry sounds of his mouth and throat.'

There is an unknown infection rapidly spreading through London, fear, unspoken love, dead who cannot die... and a way for them to come back. Post-zombie AU!

Reccer's comments:This is one of my favorite zombie stories ever written. I couldn't read it fast enough. Her characters pulled me into their world and it was brilliant, heartbreaking and beautiful. Sherlock's love for John Watson was written very believable. I could see Sherlock driving himself mad with doing anything he can to save John even if everyone thinks John is beyond saving.

Mycroft is the best brother to Sherlock. He couldn't ask for a better big brother though he is still very much ic. The depth of love and feelings between Mycroft and Sherlock and John and Sherlock is palpable. The ending is happy yet not un realistic. She made it believable and it also proves life isn't always fair. Her zombie story isn't like the others out there and is perfect.


Care about John Watson.....
A glowing candle by a book-Animated

I'm still yucky :(

I thought I had allergies hit me on Tuesday night. I woke up sooooooooo sick on Wednesday and I'm still not 100%. I still hope for the day I wake up all better, it feels like forever since I wasn't feeling yucky.

While I have been sick I have discovered Penny Dreadful on Showtime. It is so fascinating, intriguing, disturbing, bloody and gory yet I love it. The cast is amazing and it has everything in it it's quite dreadful really. I can not talk about my daughter and her love of American Horror story anymore oops. Timothy Dalton's character is wonderful he is ageing very well. Eva Green deserves an Emmy, she is beyond talented.

But on the plus side it has beautiful bi sexual men and kissing. That makes my slasher heart happy, especially Ethan(Josh Hartnett) kissing Dorian Gray(Reeve Carney)


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