October 2nd, 2015

H/D-Black and White standing close

This is an awesome Drarry story

banner by raitala

Title:Measures of our Days and Nights
Word Count:40,058
Warnings:None I can think of
Summary:Draco returns to London to help the Ministry decipher a spell, but things aren’t quite as simple as they seem.

Why I loved it:She wrote all her characters so perfectly and yet flawed. The curse in the story was well thought out and it made for an exciting read. Harry bless him, was just so Harry at times with Draco, he just charges ahead recklessly as you shake your head at him. Draco is also perfectly written and you find yourself rooting for him and falling for him.

There is a triangle with Blaise involved but just on the side nothing graphic.... the main story is bringing Harry and Draco together very slowly.

Oh and I also adored Pansy being well.... Pansy in this story. Don't let the length scare you away, it is fast paced and I hated to get to the end of the story. I wanted it to go on and on....

Excerpt(optional):Draco had wanted to visit London for a while to re-acquaint himself with the streets and the people if only for a few short weeks. He hummed and took another sip. The owl cooed at him curiously and Draco scrunched up his nose a little, nodding at the bird.

“Hold on,” he said and dug for a quill and a scroll of parchment in the table next to his chair.


Never one to turn down a plea of help from a fellow researcher stuck in a dilemma and seeing as I am the expert in any and all kinds of spell-breaking not only have you approached the right wizard with this problem, I find myself more than up to the challenge and assure you that with my help finding a solution for your problem will only be a matter of (very limited) time.

I shall be taking a Port to London some time tomorrow; I do ask for you to arrange all the formalities.


If you haven't read this gem yet, please do yourself a favor and you will enjoy it like I did. :)