March 25th, 2015

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Pimpin out the goodness

There is still time to claim something for this wonderful fest. :)

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writcraft said it best....

As anyone watching the community will know, the Horror Fest is the main fest and it's one we always enjoy. Horror is very broadly defined and everything on the outskirts of the genre is welcome, from your dark fic about the love potion going awry, to the classic ghost story. Horror doesn't have to be gloomy - fun horror and smutty horror have a place in the fest. Horror doesn't have to mean supernatural, classic dark fic is most welcome as are explorations of the dark elements and seriously spooky magic and concepts of the Potterverse. The fest attracts a real variety of pairings from the biggest to the rarest, and gen character-focused fanworks are also popular so it's a good opportunity to play with new characters if you fancy, or wrap your favourites in comfort blankets as you scare them senseless with things that go bump in the night.
Elijah w/doggie paws

This is accurate

Your Perfect Afternoon is Entertaining

You love books, movies, film, art... if it's entertainment, you're all about it.

For you, there's nothing more relaxing or renewing than taking in a good show or novel. You like to get lost in a story.

You are an emotionally in tune person, and you can really appreciate more creative works than most people.

You are quick to laugh, cry, and feel afraid. You are not an passive spectator of entertainment but an involved participant.