July 25th, 2014

Sherlock-BBC-This is going in my blog

Two beautiful Sherlock/John artworks

I stumbled over more amazingly drawn pieces of art done by marielikestodraw on tumblr. The first one It is so sexy and very stunning, I do wish she still drew for BBC Sherlock. It is NC-17 for graphic hot sex and it is so *delicious* and *guh* worthy. I may need to take a cold shower after looking at it for so long. :))))))

The lines of their bodies and the pose is just breathtaking. I also like how the sheets are rumpled it gives it a nice effect.

Edit: I just added another lovey drawing of hers under my first one cause I just found it in tumblr of coarse. They are against a wall and I always have a thing for that... it's also very graphic. ;)

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