July 1st, 2014

Any Slytherin?

Hot H/D art

Title:A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement
Rating:NC-17 for graphic oral sex
Warnings: None
Additional notes:Sketching pencils, SIA

Summery : Problem solved

Why I loved it:This was sooooooooo sexy and all things gorgeous. I drooled on my keyboard and squeeeeee'd over the stunning, scorching hot, yet tender scene. I adore how well she draws shading on their bodies and their hands are perfect. Draco's hair, shoulders and arms are amazingly drawn. The black silk sheets are a perfect backdrop. This is so sexy and *delicious*

Harry has a perfect stomach and abs and I love how his leg is placed in this scene this drawing just makes me *pant* and go *rawr*

*glomps her* She is such a wonderful talent and her work is mesmerizing and so sensual. :)