March 6th, 2014

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2 fantastic H/D stories

2 H/D stories that are must reads.

Title:Haute Allure
Word Count:12,500
Summary:Harry is famous for his menswear now. Malfoy is the inside leg that he loves running his tape measure up.

Why I loved it:This is one of my favorite fic's from do_me_veela fest. This fic was brilliantly funny and engaging I loved every word. She writes this with so much knowledge for the modeling life(or that is how it seems to me). The fashion world was written perfectly and I loved all the characters in it they were brilliant. I drooled all over my keyboard with the way she described Draco in this, he would make a perfectly *yummy* model. I now want to hunt for Harry working in the design business as a designer. The sex was hot hot hot and I loved the fashion dirty talk. :)))))))

This is fabulous and fun and should be read by every H/D lover.

Title:Quality Quidditch
Word Count:1,902
Warnings:Semi public sex, Hand job, Oral
Summary:Harry is out looking for a new broom.

Why I loved it:I have one main reason for loving this little fic, because of the way she wrote Draco, he was perfectly delightful, sneaky, and a genius Slytherin to the core. I love Draco more than I have in the past and that is saying something. He is called prince of Slytherin for a very good reason. :)

I love Harry and Draco's snarky, fun banter and all the ust flying around the Quidditch shop. I do hope for this one shot turning into more so make sure to read it and beg for more. LOL!

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