February 12th, 2014

Valentine-Heart with H/D

My steamy H/D fic

I guess I'm in a reposting mood tonight....I stumbled over this one and I hadn't re-posted it for two years so I thought well why not...

This is a re-post from a couple February's ago(2012), but in honor of Valentine's day coming up and all my new friends I thought I'll post this again...To those I dedicated to originally no need to re read it :)

Title:Befitting A Malfoy
Rating:NC-17 for language and graphic sex :)
Word Count:3,410 yes a lot of words for me :)
Warnings:Nothing but hot Wizards having sex with some of my favorite kinks. top possessive Harry,bottom smirky,vain Draco,rimming,oral and anal sex..I hope this makes you want to read this story... :)
Summery:The Malfoy's are throwing a party and Draco is the singer. Theirs is a secret relationship but both want more...Will they be brave and do something about it???There's no plot really mostly it's a pwp!
Disclaimer:I don't own them but wish it was so cause this would have happened in the epilogue ;)
betaed by the brilliant and amazing leo_draconis any mistakes you find are mine not hers. *Hugs*
This fic is for those friends that wanted me to write about my dream I had the other night so this is dedicated to mae_linda jtsbbsps_dkkitty_fic and for drarryxlover *hugs*

Porn for Valentines

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