lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Harry/Draco fic

Title:Slytherin Cunning
Author: lijahlover
Rating:NC-17 for graphic sex and language
Warning:Two hot wizards at a dance club dancing and grinding to the beat and go home together.
betaed by the amazing mon_ami_runa

This is a birthday fic for latteunicorn who wanted a leather wearing Draco in kohl with a tongue piercing that starts in a dance club and ends in *HOT* sex. I hope you enjoy this. *hugs*

Harry slowly ran his eyes over the crowded dark, smoke filled room. He froze as his eyes made their way over Draco as he came into the bar and looked around. 'Damn he thought to himself as his eyes traveled over Draco looking at his beautiful hair left loose tonight and his eyes lined with kohl Harry's eyes traveled down to Draco's chest taking in the gorgeous brushed green silk shirt tucked into the very tight sexy black leather pants that hugged his hips and legs. He felt his mouth go dry as Draco smiled and something flashed inside. 'Holy hell he has a tongue piercing.' His mind almost shut down as he shifted in his seat adjusting himself.

"God, earth to Harry" Hermione grinned "Are you still breathing or do I need to call the paramedics?"

"Mione, I swear you are just so fucking funny" he grinned at her as he took a shallow of his lukewarm beer wincing as it slid down his throat. "Damn, I need a new drink."

"I know what else you need. mate"

"I need a friend who will quit teasing me all the time" he smirked.

"Draco looks so hot that I can understand you drooling over him" she said as she reached out to dab the corner of his mouth.

"I wish Ron were here with us tonight"

"Why so he can throw up over you for wanting Draco Malfoy?

Harry just glared at Hermione, his eyes narrowing.

"Well hello, sexy, care for a dance?" purred Draco his breath hot inside Harry's sensitive ear. "I know you were checking me out earlier and I told Blaise that I'll have to go to you since well you're a Gryffindor and won't make the next move. I'm also a sucker for tight black jeans and a tight black shirt, you look amazing and sexy tonight."

"So do look incredible"

"Of course I do, always do" smirked Draco.

Harry stood up and playfully winked at Hermione before he left the table. He walked to the dance floor and put his hands on Draco's slim hips pulling him close and started grinding their bodies together. Harry felt Draco's body press against him and groaned.

Draco leaned forward to lick inside Harry's ear and nibble on his earlobe.

"Merlin" shivered Harry at the feel of Draco's pierced tongue teasing his ear. "Mm-mm...more, Draco"

Draco nibbled and kissed along Harry's jaw line and slowly worked down to Harry's neck rubbing his pierced tongue over his pale throat.

"Fuck....I need you" exclaimed Harry as he ran his hands up Draco's body and entwined his fingers into Draco's silken hair and pulled his head up to press their lips together and plunge his tongue inside Draco's mouth as he continued to thrust their hips together with the pulsing beat of the rock song. "God, I love your tongue being pierced" Harry said as his body shivered. Harry suddenly wrapped his arms around Draco's waist and yelled," Hold on tight" as they Apparated to Harry's dark bedroom. Harry quickly spelled their clothes off and walked Draco backward to the bed as they fell on top of the cool cotton sheets.

Draco arched his body up digging his heels in the mattress, lifting upwards to grind against Harry's hard cock, rubbing their erections together.

Harry gasped and kissed his way down running his tongue over Draco's chest and down his stomach as he spread Draco's legs wider apart and nibbled on his inner thighs, "Mm-mm, Harry....fuck" whimpered Draco as he gripped Harry's hair in his hands. Harry ran his tongue up the vein feeling his cock pulse under his tongue he swiped it over the sensitive head tasting the pre-come as it leaked out.

"You taste delicious"

"Fuck" groaned Draco as a light sheen of sweat glistened over his skin.

"Yes...I'll fuck you soon" smirked Harry. Harry inserted his fingers inside Draco's body, feeling his tight hole clench around his fingers. He whispered a stretching and lubrication spell as he hit Draco's prostate over and over causing Draco's eyes to close.

"God...damn.....Harry" panted Draco as he bit his lip.

Harry crawled up Draco's overheated body and ran his tongue over the bite mark sucking his bottom lip into his mouth. He ran his tongue over Draco's silver stud inside his mouth, causing Draco to whimper with desire.

Draco was almost mindless with lust as Harry brought his legs up on his shoulders and plunged deep inside Draco's tight opening.

Harry paused, "Ready for more?"

Draco demanded, "Move now....please."

Harry quickly started to fuck Draco snapping his hips hard and fast as he plunged inside him again and again as he set up a almost brutal pace.

Draco reached up one hand to stop his head from hitting the headboard as Harry's thrusts slammed into him."

Harry moaned, "Damn you feel so good and tight I could fuck you forever."

"Yes...forever" panted Draco as he arched up offering his neck to Harry's lips and teeth.

Harry sucked on Draco's neck leaving a dark bruise.

Draco screamed as the friction from Harry's stomach rubbing against his cock caused him to come.

"Draco...God" screamed Harry as he came deep inside Draco's quivering hole.

Draco's legs fell as Harry collapsed, gasping for air.

Harry whispered a cleaning charm and wrapped Draco up in his arms as he kissed the top of his head.

Grinning Draco said, "I guess mine and Hermione's plan worked then Harry."

"What plan?"

"Well, I talked to Hermione and she told me what to wear that turns you on."

Harry grinned, "Brilliant...sneaky and genius."

"Slytherin" smirked Draco as he closed his eyes and fell asleep.
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