August 1st, 2012

Dan in Victorian England looking FINE!

HP 30 day challenge-Day 27

27 - A really emotional scene/moment?

There were so many emotion moments for me, Hedwig and Dobby's deaths not to mention so many other happy and sad moments.

I think this one was the most emotional for me...When Harry's in the forest, talking to James, Sirius, Remus and Lily. I loved this touching moment.
Elijah w/doggie paws

Harry/Draco drabble

Title:Care to join me?
Fandom/Pairing:Harry Potter:Harry/Draco
Challenge: #31 Open/Free Write using chart and prompt Garden
Team: Fire
Rating/Warning:G and no warnings at all
Summary/Notes: Sometimes Draco's husband is baffling. :)

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