March 5th, 2012

Billys wedding-Love you forever

Dom has a Twitter account squeeeeee :)

I'm so excited Dom has a new Twitter acount *yay* I am looking forward to Dom's new animal show coming up in the fall. :))))

I will be in heaven reading Dom,Elijah and Billy tweet each other *happy sighs*

I have already tweeted Dom twice but I'm not holding my breath, no way would he reply to me. I have sent Elijah tweets with no response.

Dom's tweets with Elijah:

D: @woodelijah @DomsWildThings !! Join the party!! DM
2 hours ago

E: @DomsWildThings woohoo! can't wait for your show
2 hours ago via web

D: @woodelijah thanks lighe! Special elven hugs. DM
2 hours ago

These tweets fill me with warm and fuzzy feelings :)))))

Dom's site:!/DomsWildThings