January 25th, 2012

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Please guys, just a second of your attention (you'll love it!)

Originally posted by germanjj at Please guys, just a second of your attention (you'll love it!)
Dear SPN-Fandom, dear fandoms all over the world,

in the last few hours, something amazing happened, the very reason why internet and fandom is so important.
A fellow fan is in trouble. She has Endometriosis, and basically is going to die if she canet get a surgery. But she has no insurance, which means, no money.
After only a few hours, over on tumblr and spreading to all the other social media sites, her friends collected about 8k already (they're aiming for 30k). My dash is exploding with messages from ALL fandoms, everyone donating 5$ or 10$ or whatever they can afford. Everyone is boosting the signal, offering to write, to draw, to do whatever they can to help.
Please do it too. Whether just spreading the word und donating some money. Let's unite our fandoms and help a girl to survive!

This is what I wrote this morning on my facebook page. By now, the magic didn't vanish, but spread even wider. Our very own Kim Rhodes got in contact with her to tell her about her doctor who treatet her for the same desease. Random Acts is spreading the word and our lovely cast on twitter is retweeting like crazy. Sashi is now up to 21k.

Please, spread the word, my dear flist, and help in any way you can! Thank you!!

here's the tumblr site for the donations: Because we're a family
here's Sashi's tumblr site: Sashi's tumblr
here's the facebook page: Donate for Sashi

you know, even if you don't have money right now or not many people to reblog this to, go take a look at those sites. You're gonna be OVERWHELMED with the amount of love that unites all our fandoms, and our SPN fandom especially! I can promise you I cried and laughed and was reminded all over again, that Family Don't End With Blood.