lijahlover (lijahlover) wrote,

Ron/Harry drabble

Title:Take Me
Author: lijahlover
Word Count:128
Warnings:Two men kissing touching and grinding in a hallway...
Disclaimer:I don't own them which is so sad because this would have been in the books. :)
beated by the wonderful mon_ami_runa

This is a happy birthday drabble for brumeux77 so sorry it's late....

Rupert,Emma and Dan-photobucket

Ron moved his mouth from Harry's and gasped for air. Nibbling on Harry's jaw line, he placed his hand over Harry's mouth to muffle his moans as he worked his way down to Harry's throat as his teeth sucked on Harry's throbbing pulse point. Ron's hand worked it's way up underneath Harry's shirt as he pinched his nipple in between his thumb and index finger as his tongue ran up to Harry's mouth and tasted Harry again as he plundered his open mouth.

"Fuck...Ron...God...yes" he whimpered as he wrapped his leg around Ron's waist.

Ron started to grind up against Harry feeling their hard erections through the denim.

"Take me to Ron"

Ron wrapped his strong arms around Harry as they both disappeared.
Tags: lijahlover, ron/harry

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