June 16th, 2011

Tom-Wanna Squeeee???

A Harry/Draco Veela fic

Title: Unexpected Consequences
Author/Artist: morgana_fire
Length/Word Count:2,312
Pairing:Harry/Draco smitten-because-of-allure!Ron
Author's/Artist's Website or Masterlist: morgana_fire
Why everyone should read/look at this: Summary:Ron is out of control. He can't seem to stop trying to win Draco's affection. All of his attempts seem to cause Harry more problems.

Why I loved this:This was sexy and brilliantly writen a must read if you adore veela fics like I do. I giggled at a smitten Ron running after Draco giving him gifts and bad bad poetry. LOL! I loved how well she wrote Harry,Draco,Ron and Hermione.

This was such fun to read and made me smile I found it in do_me_veela

A small excerpt from the story:

A great horned owl few in at the moment and headed over towards the Slytherin table. It carried a large package which was deposited in front of Malfoy before leaving. Harry heard Hermione stiffen more then saw as he was curious along with everyone else as to what had been delivered to the prat.

“So help me Ronald Weasley, I am going to speak to your mother about this...this issue. And I’m sure Fred and George had to have a hand in this as well.” Hermione practically growled as she hauled him out of the Great Hall.