March 10th, 2011

Elijah w/doggie paws

A gorgeous heartbreaking must read!

Title:Unkissed Kisses and Songs Never Sung Two parts
Word Count:13,000
Warnings:Major character injury, hurt/comfort
Summary:I sit silently in the shadows, staring at the tiny, pulsing ball of light that tells me my Harry's still alive

Why I loved it:

I sat there stunned after I read this beautiful,amazing,lovely,intense,heartbreaking story. This is one mesmerizing and hypnotic fic that is a work of art. It makes my gut clench when reading both parts to the story and the ending had me wiping away tears in my eyes. This has a hopeful lovely tearjerker ending.

Draco is just perfection the way he was written just brilliant. There are hardly any words I can use to do this justice just it's a must read. My friend oldenuf2nb rec'd it in her journal and I have to rec it here as well. She and I were just overwhelmed by this amazing story.

The link to the second part is at the end of the first part of the story.


Even now I can still smell the faint scent of the sandalwood hand soap.

"We should have coffee sometime," he says finally, his eyes meeting mine in the mirror. The look he gives me is indisputable in its meaning. I've been with enough men to know. "Don't you think?"

That was not what I expected. I don't even know what to say. Before I can come up with a suitably vicious way of turning him down, he steps past me, opening the door, and the warm smile he gives me is wide enough to crinkle the corners of his eyes.

"I'll firecall you," he says, and then he's gone, leaving me unsettled and uncertain and undeniably aroused.

Harry was always good at that.
Harry Potter cast icon T/D holding hands

Lotr and HP-Return to Innocence

I just stumbled over this cute video of some great moments in HP and Lotr if you guys like either you should watch it it has a cutie pie little Dan and a lovely young Elijah.

It has many awwwww moments between Harry and Ron and Frodo and Sam also other cast of coarse. It does a great job of showing many parallel moments between the two brilliant series.

Here is the link if needed Lotr/HP video

And just in case you need to see how the Lotr should have ended this is for you it's awful yet funny *g*

Here is a link if needed Ltr silliness
Elijah w/doggie paws

Viggo's Appaloosa a good western.

Well hubby and I last night watched a great and entertaing movie from Net-flix called Appaloosa with Viggo and Ed Harris in it it was a very good movie I thought. It was pretty much 2 hours but didn't feel like it when watching it was pretty fast paced.

I like Viggo with the facial hair it grows on me and fits his role. I like him and Ed in movies together they work well as a pair. I loved them in A History of Violence.

Viggo Mortensen Pictures, Images and Photos

We have been buying movies like crazy with Blockbuster leaving us :)

Besisde the ones I have already mentioned in a previous post here is another list...

Goods-Jeremy Piven

Repo Men-Jude Law and Forest Whitaker

The Weight of Water-Sean Penn-Sarah Polley-Josh Lucas-Elizabeth Hurley

Vantage Point-Dennis Quaid-Matthew Fox-Forest Whitaker-William Hurt

88 Minutes-Al Pacino

Green Zone-Matt Damon

The Ghost Writer-Pierce Brosnan-Ewan McGregor

The Final Destination

Valentine-David Boreanaz-Denise Richards

Whiteout-Kate Beckinsale

Untraceable-Diane Lane

I want to go back today and buy A Single Man with Colin Firth and watch it I haven't seen it but for 3 bucks that's fine with me.