January 8th, 2011

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Domlijah ficlet :)

I'm re-posting this even though I just posted it this last November cause I feel like it...

Title:The One I Adore
Rating:PG-13 for language
Word Count:510
Disclaimer:I'm not saying they ever did this but if they did it would be lovely.
betaed by the amazing moffel83 *hugs*
Summary:This is a ficlet set in NZ during LOTR filming. Dom comes in exhausted to find Elijah sleeping in his bed... It is sweet and has a first kiss in it.

Maybe one day I'll tell him how much I love and adore him...

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Animated Elijah icon with floating red h

Domlijah hotness :)

Title:Glazed With Desire
Word Count:913
Rating-NC-17 for graphic sex and language
Warnings:Graphic rimming mmmm RIMMING and oral sex
Disclaimer:I would never say they did this ever but one can dream of it... :)
betaed by no one sorry about that!

This is one dirty, very dirty pwp that starts up against a wall with frottage and ends up on Dom's bed with lots of tattoo kink on Elijah's part that will lead to rimming and more hotness. So you are all warned...please read it cause you know you want to... *g*

The words just flowed out and this is dedicated to a few fellow Domlijah loversmoit spikessweetgirlfienchendominicluver and thefrenchgirl2 *hugs you all* Enjoy!

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