June 23rd, 2010

Elijah w/doggie paws

Domlijah porn :)

This is re-posted from 2008 :)

This is posted just in my LJ for my friends to enjoy. Cut for sex and language it has no plot to speak of. This is dedicated to my new LJ friend fienchen(Who I have known for quite awile) You *rock*
This has a begging and pleading Elijah with a possessive and demanding Dominic.

Title:Ride Me
Pure PWP :)


Dom in red-photobucket

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Eeyore is to cute

Pick your favorite pair :)

This is re-post from awhile ago!

I want to worship your body like a temple.
I need to know every inch of you, take you in my arms every night.
I have to feel you underneath me as I claim you for my own.
You are my one true desire, my obsession, my reason for living.
One day I'll tell you what I feel but for now I just wait and watch.