April 20th, 2010

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Cookie recipe :)

Modified very slightly from a recipe found on the kraft foods site.

1 pkg devil's food cake mix
1/2 c peanut butter
4 oz (1/2 pkg) cream cheese
1 egg

Mix everything together in a medium-size bowl with a fork; a mixer just makes a mess. for the record, these ingredients are a bitch to mix and it'll take a while, but it's so worth it. the final product is super crumbly. I usually throw two handfuls of chocolate chips in mine.

Grab a handful of crumbs and squish/roll them into a ball. place it onto an ungreased baking sheet. repeat many times. gently press with a fork, then press again so there's a criss-cross pattern on top (like a peanut butter cookie). sprinkle top with a little bit of sugar.

bake at 375 for about 7 minutes. makes about... 20 cookies, give or take a few.

In the meantime, enjoy! =)

ETA: the recipe posted on the site has been altered from the original recipe we've always used. they now say to add two eggs to make the 'batter' easier to stir, but we were afraid that would change the awesomeness of the end product too much.
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