August 29th, 2009

Elijah w/doggie paws

More about Photobucket and my job search!

You no what I found out about photobucket by accident? I can still copy a picture from them into my full account but it just doesn't let you download anymore. Um okay so what's the point of that? I hate that I can't download icons anymore. I don't need anymore but that's not the point. Why isn't there another photo holding site out there like it? I really need those codes under the picture and I want more icons to add to my hundreds of icons. And I can't download anymore of summershobbit's banners. That's really awful I'm just going to tear out my hair oh and I'm suffering from allergies badly today. *sniffs*

I have a flicker account but you can't post individual pictures it seems without paying and I can't pay for an account probably ever.

Good news I found another job so I'll get more hours and my 2 and 1/2 months of searching is over. I start at Home Depot this Monday. We'll see how long I can work two jobs.

I think I'm done with all my news oh and my daughter had fun at her mixer.

Here's some eye candy *hugs*

Daniel,Viggo,Elijah,Johnny,Orlando,Dominic and Tom xoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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