July 10th, 2009

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Domlijah drabble :)

Word Count:100
Rating:R for language
Warnings:Naughty talk(Or is it?) LOL ;)
Disclaimer:I'm not going to say they NEVER did this but I wasn't there they could have.
betaed by no one so sorry about any mistakes...

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"Yes...God...Yes" groaned Elijah his head back with his eyes shut tight... "Harder...please" he begged.

"Anything for you love" purred Dom.

"Fuck...just like that."

"Like that baby?" growled Dom.

"Hell yes..don't stop ever" demanded a flushed Elijah.

"I love you being all demanding" whispered Dom as his fingers pressed into Elijah's skin.

Elijah quickly sucked in a deep breath as Dom's hands worked over his body,taking him over the edge, into pure pleasure,touch and need. "Never stop,never...Hey why did you stop?"pouted Elijah.

"So I can rub your other foot" winked Dom.
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Animated Elijah icon with floating red h

Harry/Scorpius drabble

Word Count:100
Warnings:Pwp with rimming,rimming and MORE rimming.
Disclaimer:I only wish I owned these two...
betaed by no one so kindly point out any mistakes you find.

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