March 20th, 2009


I'm back *g*

We had so much fun in Sin City but I'm glad to be home. On Monday I walked so much I put a huge blister on my foot and have been hobbling around in pain ever since. What a way to start your vacation right?

Mr.lijahlover gambled more than I did and I enjoyed the hotels and shows we went to. We saw Cris Angel for free and he was interesting. He's brilliant but the show was very weird. We ate for free at the Luxor as well and it was fantastic. Our favorite place to eat was probably Planet Hollywood. We went to see the Secret Garden of Siegfried and Roy that was so much fun to look at the adorable baby dolphins and a baby leopard. The white tigers and Lions are always beautiful. My hubby took my picture with the cut out of Siegfried and Roy with one of their white tigers.

I'm glad to be back I'm still recovering from all the fun we had there. I'll post the pictures we took asap.

Happy Froday everyone. I'll miss the warm and perfect weather of coarse. :) The desert has amazing weather in March.

Oh and an unrealated note I watched Supernatural last night and enjoyed it. I really like this show so far.

This is me in mornings LOL!

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