February 20th, 2009


Happy Froday(Friday) everyone!

I hope everyone is having a good week and have a great weekend.

I told you all about my step-son who tried out for the last school play Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and I forgot to update that he got a role in it as one of the girls fathers. This will be his first musical and he's nervous but excited. Mr.lijahlover and I will be going to see him perform next weekend. This is exciting for all of us...

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Please sign up if interested!

Come and join the 2009 hp_sas Fest!

This is the fest for all your cross!gen lovers out there, and those that just can't get enough of the Potters and the Malfoys! The timeline is:

February 20th – March 7th – Sign-ups
March 10th – Assignments sent out by this date
July 1st – Submissions due in
August 1st – Posting Begins

With just over three months writing time, the fest is perfect for those who like a nice, long deadline. There are six pairings are viable for this fest: Draco/Al, Draco/James, Draco/Scorpius, Harry/Scorpius, Harry/James, Harry/Al or any threesome involving these characters.

We welcome anyone and everyone, the more the merrier!

In fact, the only thing missing from this fest is you!

Taken from Mona :)

Type your name and the word "needs" into Google and post the first 10 things that come up.

1.Amy needs some help drinking.

2.Amy needs a lot.

3.Amy needs gloves to touch herself. Okay LOL at this one!

4.Amy knits.

5.Amy needs a dentist picture.

6.Amy needs a wash.

7.Amy needs help.

8.Amy needs a break.

9.Amy needs a meal.

10.Amy needs her prince.