July 5th, 2008

Elijah w/doggie paws

Have a good day!

I hope everyone has a great Saturday and had a fun day yesterday celebrating 4th of July. I watched the fireworks on tv and didn't go out this year. The boys went to the movies to watch Hancock (I think that's the name of Will Smith's new movie) They loved it and I let them have a boys night out. We all had a great day today and I hope you all did too. *hugs and smooches* XOXOXX

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Elijah w/doggie paws

Porny drabble meme!

Solavillanuev is doing her own version of this drabble meme!

Respond to this post with a prompt/kink/etc. of your choice and I'll write a 100-word drabble for you! In return, you have to post this in your livejournal (if you want, it's not a requirement).

I love her version, so I'm doing this.

She's sticking to Harry/Draco, but again, I'm leaving the pairing up to you. You all know what pairings I like to write about so feel free to give me some challenges. Give me a kink and I'll write you a dirty, dirty drabble. Hell, give me three I love a challenge *g*

Spread the porn! Revision is boring, and as the very wise nomango said: once again, porn saves me.

I took this from lokifan *hugs*

Fell free to inspire me to write since my muse has been unusally silent latly and this may help XD