July 1st, 2008

Elijah w/doggie paws

Good Morning!

Well it's after 3:00 and I'm off to bed I'm just wishing everyone a wonderful day today. *hugs and smooches*

Tomorrow we are going to see Shrek The Third for our summer movie this week and looking forward to it because we have not seen it yet. I finally borrowed Eastern Promises from my cousin and I'm glad I did it was very good and Viggo was amazing and sexy of coarse but I probably won't buy it and watch it over and over again unlike History Of Violence. I own that one it's a wonderful movie.

Good Morning

Viggo in black

Elijah w/doggie paws

hp_cross_fest Please sign up for it XD

Hi softly_sweetly asked her friends to spread the news of this new Harry Potter fest of fics so please sign up if you enjoy writing, reading or art. Thanks!

hp_cross_fest - celebrating relationships that cross the generation lines!

For those with a secret kink for Draco and Severus finding solace with each other, or Belletrix showing Harry what he's missing being a Good Guy, this is the exchange for you!

So come on over to the sign-up post and join the fun!
Elijah w/doggie paws

Summer movie!

Well we all enjoyed the movie we went to see today Shrek The Third it was a lot of fun it ended up being cuter than I thought it would be and we will need to buy that one someday we already bought the other two. We have gone four weeks and have four weeks left to go with the movies package I can't believe how fast this summer is going.

Time flies so fast it isn't funny.

This is a picture of one of my favorite posters of these two I love how good their faces are drawn. I have this poster of them together.

James and Marilyn Picture-photobucket

Elijah w/doggie paws

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday arabia764 you are wonderful and amazing in everything you do. I look forward to everything you write it's just brilliant work. You are one of the very best Orlijah writers out there. *hugs*

I hope you have a wonderful Birthday tomorrow and I know I'm a little bit early with this wish I hope you have lots of fun XD

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Happy Birthday Glitter Pictures

Glitter Graphics

You Rock Glitters

This is by summershobbit

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A Hug A Day

Rose Birthday



Elijah in hat

I'm sending you Orlando and Elijah to your door so have lots of fun XD