June 24th, 2008

Elijah w/doggie paws


It took awhile but I managed to catch up on my friends page and I'm so glad I did.

I told you about the Royals game I was going to on Sunday and they started playing bad but turned it around in the last half and won 11 to 10 so it turned into a good game. The boys and Mr.lijahlover and I enjoyed ourselves our daughter was bored very quickly.

My muse has been silent for a few days and I always get concerned when this happens but it always comes back to me.

It's so late here I need to go to bed soon my daughter and I are going to see one of our summer movies this week and she needs to pick which one to see. We have already seen both of them so I don't care which one we watch.

Also thanks so much to mon_ami_runa for the wonderful gift fic It's scorching hot and I loved it. *Big Hugs*

I had to post some hot pictures for you guys to drool over of coarse. *g* XOXOXXX

These are all a very young and gorgeous James Dean :)




James Saying-photobucket

Elijah w/doggie paws

Family and Rambling :)

I'm going to be celebrating my Aunt and Uncle's 50th wedding anniversary this Saturday and looking forward to it. They have made it 50 years that is wonderful just like my In-laws last month. They have had more good than bad years too unlike my parents who have had more bad than good. They are a couple who should get divorced. I think we all know couples like that.

I'm watching The Daily Show which always makes me LOL it's one of my favorites. I love Jon Stewart he's so funny. I also watch Stephen Colbert after him they are the best.

It's hard to believe how bad my nails have gotten I need to go and refill them again. I should just stop and remove them but I can't make myself do that. I only think I should stop because I'm trying to save money for NY City and it's difficult for me to ever think I have enough to bring with me. I have paid summershobbit for my hotel cost and jade_baggins for my ticket and I have spending money left. I'm at least not so stressed now that I have paid both ot them their money. I'm counting down the days and need to start my diet again or I'll be mad at myself for not slimming down. I have some great clothes if I'd just get busy and loose more weight. I need to remember the saying "Nothing taste's as good as being slim feels" that is very true.

Well I'm done rambling for now I need to go and watch my shows. *hugs and smooches* to all :)