April 28th, 2008

Elijah w/doggie paws

Swiped from illuminated_sin!

Which Slashy Orlando Are you? (Rated R!)

You are one heck of an original guy: Well whatdaya know, You're a pretty average guy. You like a bit of footie and a few beers every now and then but you could surprise us with a secrete love of chick flicks or an obsession with marvel comics. You've had a normal life doing normal things usually but you can often surprise us by being a spy or a a struggling alcoholic. Whatever you do you do it with depth and sincerity even if your intentions aren't always in the right place. Sometimes you've been jaded to the point where love seems impossible. Other times you're ready but with either there is always some intriguing obstacle to overcome. You are intriguing to read about because you are Original. Well done you.
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