April 27th, 2008

Elijah w/doggie paws

May B-day requests!

Well I feel pretty good I posted another tongue fic prompt for the DracolovesHarry challenge for my team the wonderful Aurors late last night. I really liked this challenge word and it showed with me writing 6 drabbles for the challenge these last two weeks.*Go me* XD I love this weeks prompt word also so I would like to come up with more hotness. Also I got one May Birthday fic request done already and sent it to be betaed so I can post it on time. It's kind of nice that it's one of my betaes B-day requests because she can remind me if I forgot to add something that she wanted in there. It was a good and interesting request from her because she is my H/D beta and she requests a Aragorn/Legolas fic from me *grins*I think it's turning out very well.

I have another May B-day request to work on for another H/D girl on my list and I'll need to start writing it soon. I'd like to get it done early too. I enjoy the challenge from these two amazing women on my f-list.

I have posted other B-day requests or just requests for others on my list before so feel free to give me a prompt sometime for your Birthday or whatever.

Sending you all *hugs*


And *smooches*

Fellowship Premire-random_fandom

I love you all XD