April 26th, 2008

Elijah w/doggie paws

What I did today and Equus!

Today was a lot of fun I went with my daughter to Exchange City a place were they have jobs and get paid and learn how to write checks and basically they run the town. It's a lot of fun and I went when I was in fifth grade I remember how much fun I'd had. My daughter was working in the bank today so she stayed busy. She was very happy I volunteered to go and help out.

Tomorrow Mr.lijahlover and I are going to pick up our new 2005 car(New to us) from the dealers and bring it home we needed a much bigger car than our Small Saturn. It will be so nice to travel in comfort.

Today jade_baggins is buying all our tickets; mine and summershobbit's today when they go on sale for the play Equus. We are Looking forward to having them bought. After that there is no turning back. I just need to loose more weight and save more money which will take me a while I'd like to loose around 30 to 35 pounds before NY. I've only lost 12 so far *yikes* I need to get busy. I want to look as slim as possible when I get there so that will take some work.

The temperature dropped and it got real cool here today. You have to love Kansas weather. XD

Hugs and smooches to all XOXOXOXXX


Good morning-cat

Shirtless- Dom